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Abington, PA Landscaping Services

Beautifying the Outdoors

in Harmony in Abington

In 2019, Abington, Pennsylvania was on Money's list of Best Places to Live—and residents aren't surprised. Abington's proximity to downtown Philadelphia, top-notch schools, and many public parks and wildlife sanctuaries make it a desirable place to call home.

Creating your own haven in Abington is a matter of both your indoor and outdoor space. An appealing outdoor space that's easy to maintain is welcoming for you and your guests, and it gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature without leaving home. The care and pride people take in their property, business fronts, parks, and recreational areas is why Abington is so beautiful and inviting.

Our years of experience in hardscape installation and local horticulture—and genuine curiosity and extensive study of the plant world—has given the Eco-Chic Gardens team the edge when it comes to designing and installing landscaping projects. We tend our own gardens near this area, and we know how to match your outdoor space to your lifestyle in a way that benefits both you and the environment. Contact us for sustainable landscaping services in Abington.

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Landscaping Services

From Local Experts

Not all landscaping companies take the time to focus on sustainable practices. At Eco-Chic Gardens, it's our job to minimize our ecological footprint. In everything we do, we aim to use only the most sustainable practices, providing exceptional results for you and the land beneath you. To learn more about our practices, visit our services page.

Landscape Design

The design process is your opportunity to put your unique touch on your landscaping project. We want you to love where you live, so you'll always be an important part of the design process.

Landscape Installation

Landscape installation can have a negative impact on the environment if it's not done right. We take special care to ensure the integrity of your property and respect the natural resources.

Landscape Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for healthy, long-lasting landscaping. While appearance is important, pests, disease, and extreme weather can affect the longevity of your landscape. We have landscape maintenance packages that monitor these issues, as well as other maintenance to maintain your hardscapes.

Step by Step

Through Your Next Landscaping Project

We're constantly working to make sure you have the best landscaping experience possible.
That's why we've created a 6-step process that puts you first every step of the way:

Step 1 — The Initial Phone Call:

This is where you tell us what you need. We don't have to go into a lot of detail just yet, but it's good to know the basics, what type of property you have, and the level of services you are looking for.

Step 2 — On-site visit:

We meet with you to make sure we get everything just right. So it's important for a member of our team to come out to your property to get a feel for the lay of the land. This step allows us to get a better understanding of any special considerations for your property and give you a better estimate concerning project scope and cost.

Step 3 — The Presentation Meeting:

We like to present our proposals and designs in person, but can work with you through this step over the phone or through email. We attend to any little details and prepare to launch your project.

Step 4 — Scheduling:

You're almost there! We'll work with you to find a time that works best for your schedule.

Step 5 — The Work Begins:

It's time for our ECG team to get started. We respect your schedule and show up to work on time. If something comes up that causes a delay, we'll let you know.

Step 6 — Final Walkthrough:

It's time for the final walkthrough. We want to make sure you're 100% satisfied and will address any concerns you have. We'll also discuss future maintenance, any plans moving forward and share our post -installation care guidelines.

Thinking About a Career in Sustainable Landscaping?

Do you love the outdoors and enjoy building beautiful spaces? Do you have a passion for horticulture? Do you care about how you interact with our environment? If so, we'd love to meet you. Visit our careers page to learn more about our current openings.